Accounting Services

We are able to provide an array of professional accounting services to individuals & businesses big and small.

Accounting & Bookkeeping Services we offer at Wiencek CPA:

  1. Setting up the accounting software to specifically meet your company’s financial reporting requirements
  2. Preparing all the data entry (we seek to automate this process by automatic downloads from your financial institutions and makes rules in software to save you time and money)
  3. Performing accounts receivable and accounts payable tasks. (In our experience most of the time it is more efficient and effective for your organization to keep track of accounts receivable due to the specific details you have with your customers, but we are more than willing to be a part of this process. It just takes a lot of communication with us to make sure that we are invoicing your customers correctly)
  4. Reconciliations of all banks, credit card and liability accounts (Reconciliations ensure all data is being processed correctly and allows us to ensure that no transactions are missed)
  5. Preparation of Financial Statements on either a Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annual or Annual timeframe. (Most customers that have an in-house bookkeeper or accountant normally use this service to confirm that nothing is being overlooked by in-house staff. We also use these financial statements for tax planning, and making important business decisions for the future as in expanding/focusing operations)