Business Consulting

At Wiencek CPA (WCPA) we catch ourselves on a regular basis referring to your business as “Ours”. That is due to how invested we are in the success of your business. WCPA understands this is how you, your family, employees and employee’s families are supported and every decision that is made can have astronomical effects on how that is achieved. WCPA strives to gain your trust to be allowed to be a part of your decision-making process and once we are part of this process, we will always outperform any expectations with our knowledge and due diligence that is put into every decision we are a part of.

WCPA believes that communication is especially important when performing business consulting. We work with the owners and key personnel to make sure we have all information needed to provide you the best solutions. Most of the decisions are very complicated, have numerous scenarios, outcomes and effects on the cash flow, output, employee satisfaction and tax liability which require great thought and research. Ultimately, it is always the owner’s final decision to make, we are just here to give our advice and make sure that you have all the information and the effects of that decision.